GenDream Corporate Identity

BNW was responsible for the entire corporate identity system for the Swiss pharma start-up GenDream. GenDream produces high quality healthcare products to support modern, active lifestyles. We were commissioned to develop the new GENDREAM brand from scratch – from brand strategy and naming to packaging design for all products, advertising and digital footprint.

The creative concept responds to the same spirit that created GenDream’s business model – essential, smart and unconventionally classic. The pharma company is presented in its purest form, no frills or fancy promises. GenDream’s identity is centered around an iconic symbol that alludes to its offer – a fresh, new top-line generic pharmaceuticals producer from Switzerand, with strong international credentials worldwide. The democratic, accessible market proposition of GenDream’s products is underlined with a simple yet sophisticated colour palette that leaves the superfluous aside.

The Swiss cross is internationally recognised as a DESTINATION symbol of quality, professionalism, high value and longevity. Many leading Swiss brands have incorporated the Swiss cross into their brand marks. However, GenDream has decided to pursue a more sophisticated strategy - to equalise the Swiss cross with the pharma cross, apply it almost invisibly, and thus lose the primary Swiss identification.

The monogram is the oldest form of identification in the world. Throughout history, monograms were used as royal signature and later became one of the symbols of the aristocracy and nobility, while artisans were using them to mark their work. Today, monograms are used because of both the simplicity and the beauty that they create. A monogram is more than a design: it’s the simplest and most memorable visualisation a brand can have.

A circle is a shape that is found repeatedly throughout the natural world, and it is a symbol of perfection. The circle is known the world over as a powerful divine symbol of wholeness, where all parts come together to form a whole, yet, the whole is always greater than the sum of its parts.

In the graphic sense, three constitutive elements of GenDream’s logo are: the Swiss cross - metamorphosed to pharma cross, the circle and the pharmaceutical form of tablets.

The three constitutive elements are woven together into a unique brand mark. In that process they form the two distinctive letters G and D, which are the starting letters of our brand’s name proposition.

The GenDream wordmark consists of two weights of the legendary Gill Sans typeface. The weights are used to differentiate the two words that constitute the brand name: GEN and DREAM. In body copy, the proper writing form is always: “GenDream”, where the capital letters G and D accentuate the brand’s name proposition.

GenDream colors are carefully chosen to further emphasize its core values and to visually position GenDream as a premium brand. Primary typefaces are fonts used in key expressions of brand identity design such as namings, slogans, tag lines etc. The basic primary typeface is English. Proxima Nova Bold is available in Russian and English versions.Secondary typefaces should be used as body copy in all brand communication materials, such as promotional artifacts like brochures, billboards, magazine ADs, city lights etc., panels, invitations, menus, packages and all other materials.

The GenDream Nutritional supplements packaging color coding system has been designed primarily for the containers to provide a simple grouping of products with similar functional attributes. The system consists of ten Nutritional Ranges, each represented by a different color, and will be further developed in case of new range additions to the portfolio. These colors represent GenDream’s secondary brand color palette.

The products are packaged according to the established “Collection” hierarchy. GenDream launched a first-wave of 34 products - with over a hundred more planned for launch in the near future - creating strong facings in points of sales. The initial 34 products are presented in detail on the GenDream website.

While the healthcare range consists of therapeutic and core offers, the lifestyle range caters to the needs of the cosmopolitan individual, whose sense of wellbeing, beauty and trendawareness goes beyond the ordinary.

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