GenDream Nutritional Ranges

BNW was commissioned to take a deep look into GenDream’s product offer. We responded with dividing the entire offer into four distinctive groups - nutritional ranges, and all products together where additionally color coded to correspond ten functional nutraceutical purposes. With this differentiation, GenDream’s proposition becomes cosmopolitan, modern, clear, open and inviting, accessible and easy to understand, appealing and inspirational, unlike 99% of products of the pharma industry today.

Worldwide, cosmopolitan consumers of health solutions today demand such a new proposition. They already live such lives, in which the borders between looking good and feeling better are erased. 

GenDream’s product range proposition comprises a two tiered product offer: healthcare and lifestyle products. The products are packaged according to the established “Collection” hierarchy. GenDream launched a first-wave of 34 products - with over a hundred more planned for launch in the near future - creating strong facings in points of sales. The initial 34 products are presented in detail on the GenDream website. 

The GenDream Nutritional supplements packaging color coding system has been designed primarily for the containers to provide a simple grouping of products with similar functional attributes. The system consists of ten Nutritional Ranges, each represented by a different color, and will be further developed in case of new range additions to the portfolio. These colors represent GenDream’s secondary brand color palette.

GenDream’s positioning segment among innovative & fashionable brands is cluttered with premium niche offers with exclusive and / or special packaging design. We crossed the line towards luxury and cosmetics brands, as GenDream boxes prominently feature aspirational artistic illustrations as lead message, and are made of premium silver cardboard reserved for the beauty industry, using a variety of premium printing techniques such as spot colors, gloss varnish and embossing. NextGen packs evoke even the sensuality of opening a valuable present. But we still try to remain equally trustworthy and professional, in a pharma industry sense. Our packs play a pivotal role in our communication.

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