Hidden Speakers - Designed by Sound™

The Most Intelligible Sound of the 21st Century- HIDDEN’s mission is to make audiophile sound of the future affordable to anyone today, by means of revolutionary technology and design. HIDDEN’s aesthetic heritage arose out of close collaboration with Brand New World, creating a harmonious, distinctive look that integrates cutting edge sonic with modernist forms.

A Decade of Excellence

Based on a decade of experience in sound systems research and development, HIDDEN combines phenomenal high-fidelity performance with complete multi-channel versatility. All products are researched and developed by HIDDEN’s own sound lab engineers and hand built by HIDDEN’s top master technicians in Belgrade, Serbia,. All concepts are designed by our own creative team in Zurich, Switzerland.


HIDDEN began in 2010 when Igor Radojevic, an accomplished jazz musician and sound system integrator from Belgrade, turned passionate audio researcher, recognized the need for speakers that could deliver unsurpassed performance combined with minimal visual intrusion based on the innovative DML technology.


Since foundation HIDDEN successfully designed and installed holistic audio systems in over 100 commercial spaces with its own team of sound engineers, offering customers a revolutionary proposition on the market: a life long guarantee combined with amazing sound quality and intelligibility, made possible by Igor Radojevic’s ingenious DML technology engineering innovations.

Paradigm Shift

In 2019 Brand New World from Zürich became a partner in the business, resulting in a new proposition for HIDDEN, which unequivocally brings the brand to a digital future, to new markets and new lifestyle audiences for visible design-speakers, without compromising the founder’s original mission. 


HIDDEN is one of the most recognised manufacturers in the invisible architectural speaker category in Middle Europe, headquartered in Zürich, Switzerland, for business purposes, with main research and production facilities in Belgrade, Serbia, looking forward to develop new worldwide partnerships and a new consumer audience with its new HIDDEN EVO and ECO visible speakers offer.

Hidden Zürich, Switzerland

Visit us in the former industrial Werkstatt in leafy Seefeld next to Lake Zürich, to sample some amazing design, art and soundscapes, and check out where we come up with new designs and communication for HIDDEN.

Brand New World Salon Zürich, Hornbachstrasse 64, 8008 Zürich.

Hidden Belgrade, Serbia

Check out where it all started in the groovy creative neighbourhood of Dorcol, and if you’re lucky HIDDEN’s amazing R&D team will play some cool jazz and funk for your personal sound experience in our studio. 

Brand New World Salon Beograd, Rige od Fere 22, 11000 Beograd.


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